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The Hydro M_Drive – Designed with your Profitability in Mind

custom marina forklift
“Our drivers have adapted quickly and easily to the hydrostatic drive on the Hydro M_Drive marine forklift. From a driver’s perspective, the forklift is intuitive and the hydrostatic drive becomes muscle memory after driving only a few times.” – Cape Haze Marina 


The continuous innovative solutions made to the Hydro M_Drive forklift are designed with your profitability in mind. The Hydro M_Drive marine forklift series features upgrades designed to offer features and benefits no one else provides. Marine Travelift first introduced the forklifts in the early 1990’s and its marine forklift line has seen continuous advancements ever since. Our experienced engineering team is dedicated to designing a marine forklift that will drive value for your business and ensure your machine performs best-in-class with efficiency, durability, and versatility.


Lowered Maintenance Costs

Marine Travelift’s Hydro M_Drive marine forklifts are designed with customer convenience in mind. With major systems easily accessible and serviced and maintained in less time, marinas can increase productivity and achieve peak performance, giving you the ability to grow your business.


Proven Hydrostatic Drive Technology

Marine Travelift’s industry exclusive hydrostatic drive system is designed around the same extensive knowledge and experience gained since the first marine forklift built in the 1990’s as well as over two decades of experience within the Marine Travelift mobile boat hoist product line. The hydrostatic drive is created on a closed loop system by keeping constant pressure on the system, which means that when an operator’s foot isn’t on the pedal, that there is zero movement occurring.


Shorter Wheel Base 

Shorter wheelbase options and increased load capacities can be tailored to create a custom design to fit our customer’s unique needs. The shorter wheelbase option improves mobility and maneuverability around confined spaces, allowing every marina to improve their quality with added precision and control.


Lifting Value

Through industry-leading load chart and competitive pricing, the Hydro M_Drive forklift series provides solutions designed with your profitability in mind. From savings on maintenance costs to increased efficiency, the Hydro M_Drive provides the durability to get the job done day in and day out.



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