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Turning Radius vs. Wheelbase

Wheelbase for marina forklift

As boats continue to grow in size, so too does the need for a marine forklift with higher lifting capacities and easier operation. Dry stack facilities around the world are continuously looking to upgrade and grow their business with a more durable and reliable forklift capable of meeting their needs through increased precision and efficiency.

There has often been a belief that a forklift’s wheelbase has the only impact on maneuverability and turning radius.  The most important dimensional measurement is the degree in which the forklift can turn, or otherwise known as the tailswing radius.

When looking at what can be done to accommodate a customer’s particular aisle space and/or property, it is important to consider not only the wheel base, but also the overall length of the forklift and angle that the tire turns. The turning radius is they key dimension when considering the right forklift selection for your dry stack facility.

So what else might attribute to the turning radius of my forklift?

In addition to wheel base, overall length of the machine and turning angle, we have to consider the following factor:

  • Overall tail swing

You may find yourself asking any of the following questions: What is my range of motion and is my maneuverability being limited? How does this compare to other forklift models?

The tail swing radius of the machine can simply be defined as the dimension from the center of the steering axle to the back of the machine as it makes an arcing motion.

At Marine Travelift, we strongly encourage each of our customers to take the time and talk close with a sales rep of the product to better understand all of the different options and attributes that are available to them throughout the decision making process. This plays an important role, as it is critical to have these conversations before jumping into any decision or making any assumptions. Our engineering team will work close with you to design an interactive general arrangement drawing to assure the right Hydro M_Drive is suited to your space.

In order to maximize efficiency and improve mobility and maneuverability, we have provided a number of features to enhance our dedication to customers around the world in the evolution of the marine forklift. Whether it’s shorter wheel base options, shortest tail swing, highest angle of tire turn, or the latest technology and innovations, the Hydro M_Drive is designed to provide the durability to exceed your expectations.

Our steering axles are all designed and manufactured in house in order to maximize steering angle abilities in the Hydro M_Drive. The steering angle of this becomes as tight as possible; thus, the suitability of the forklift for any particular aisle space becomes limited by the length of the boat as well as the wheelbase of the forklift.

We understand no marina is the same. Which is why we continue to design each product to fit each customer’s unique individual need. Our complete Hydro M_Drive lineup now features over a dozen forklift models, offering a full range of wheel base options and more importantly, the tightest turning radius in the industry to meet your needs. Contact one of our sales reps today to see how a Hydro M_Drive marine forklift is built to provide lifting value for you and your business for years to come.

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