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Safety Components Designed to Offer a Higher Level of Consistency

sidecab marine forklift seat

At Marine Travelift, we hold ourselves to a very high standard. We’ve experienced firsthand the hard work it takes to build a reputation on performance, which is why we have remained the world’s premier and most experienced manufacturer of boat handling equipment for over half a century.

Our forklift line, first introduced over 25 years ago, continues to advance with our Hydro M_Drive marine forklift series featuring equivalent capacities of up to 52,000 lbs. and larger. We listen to our customers and continuously invest engineering time and resources in challenging ourselves to provide innovative solutions. This commitment to designing, building and supporting reliable, heavy-duty machines has been a cornerstone of Marine Travelift since the first boat handling equipment was built back in the 1940’s.

The Hydro M_Drive marine forklift has been engineered and designed to exceed your expectations in productivity, keeping your marina running as smooth as possible. We will work with you to design a marine forklift that will not only drive value for your business but ensure the highest level of quality and consistency our customers have come to expect.

Our automatic parking brake is designed to increase operator’s safety while maneuvering the forklift. With a traditional forklift system, featuring a transmission and differential axle, there is an operator-activated park brake system; thus, the operator is responsible to set and disengage a parking brake. With the Hydro M_Drive, the automatic parking brake will engage just seconds after the hydrostatic drive pedal is let off at slow speeds – a distinct advantage on a busy day of launching and retrieving boats by allowing the operator to get off the machine safely.

Camera systems also allow for improved visibility with multiple views from mounted locations on the carriage, the rear of the forklift, and any other locations – all displayed on an LCD screen contained within a weather resistant housing mounted in the cab.

Remotely raise and lower the forks while launching or retrieving boats with the optional wireless remote control to help increase safety, giving you the ability to walk around the truck and vessel. Lighting packages are also available to increase visibility and keep operations running through the night.

No matter what type of boat you need to lift, your Hydro M_Drive marine forklift will perform with best-in-class efficiency, durability, and versatility – all while featuring innovative safety components to offer you the highest level of consistency. Contact our sales team today for introductory pricing.


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