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The Hydrostatic Drive System – Powering the Industry Forward

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Marina industry leaders and customers alike are seeing the immediate benefits of utilizing the Hydro M_Drive marine forklift for their business. In just the last two years alone, we have tripled (yes, tripled) our product line to offer more capacities, shorter wheelbase options, and different mast configurations that best suit our customer’s needs as well as added newer technologies and the latest innovative features to maximize their efficiency – resulting in a huge increase in forklift sales . But arguably the most significant advantage customers are benefiting from is the dynamic hydrostatic drive system that powers each machine.

With our industry exclusive hydrostatic drive system, the Hydro M_Drive offers significant fuel savings, proven durability in some of the highest duty cycle equipment, and less wear and tear on internal components. By switching from a conventional transmission to the Hydro M_Drive, your business will enjoy increased efficiency through lowered maintenance costs and increased productivity – unmatched by the competition.

Still asking yourself, ‘Why Hydrostatic?’….

  1. Steadier Engine RPM + Proportional Control = Fuel Savings

One of the biggest benefits of a hydrostatic drive system is the elimination of a mechanical transmission with fixed gears. Transmission problems can be detrimental to your business with expensive replacement parts and lost productivity due to machine downtime and required man-hours to get the truck back up and running. The hydrostatic drive allows the engine speed to stay constant while also giving the operator unparalleled speed control. What does this mean for you? Infinitely variable acceleration from rest, smooth braking, and precision operation; regardless of engine RPM.

With the Hydro M_Drive, the engine doesn’t need to run at high RPMs to move around the marina or lift boats up to the highest rack. Once the operator presses down on the dual directional control pedal, more fluid is delivered to the drive motors. The engine does not need to work as hard to perform required functions, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and increased life of the machine.

Older gear pumps found on a conventional transmission are dependent upon the RPMs of the engine – the higher number of revolutions there are, the higher the flow will be. With the Hydro M_Drive, piston-style pumps use a swash plate to control flow and pressure. This variable control means you can exert a great amount of force without having to burn more fuel by revving the engine to full throttle.

Hydrostatic drive systems also tend to use a smaller engine with less displacement. Freeing the engine from constant changes in RPM engine speed and load cycles, the Hydro M_Drive can use a smaller engine and maintain constant RPM and horsepower, which in turn will extend the life of your engine and require less maintenance. Research has shown that more efficient, smaller engines can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 percent in power mode under demanding working conditions, and up to 20 percent in economy mode under lighter load conditions. This cost reduction in fuel savings significantly reduces the overall cost of a Hydro M_Drive in your application.

  1. Proven Productivity Seen in High Duty Cycle Construction Equipment

The hydrostatic drive system has been the preferred method for large, industrial earth moving machines such as bulldozers and excavators for years. The crawler dozer, once viewed as one of the most challenging machines to operate, has quickly become one of the easiest thanks to the technology of the hydrostatic drive.

The variable speed control and ability to dig quicker and more efficient gives operators the ability to carry even the most robust materials faster and more profitably than ever before. The Hydro M_Drive is no different. You are in control, maintaining full controlled speed (even in reverse), regardless of load or engine RPM. This gives operators more confidence, which in turn, increases their productivity.

The hydrostatic drive also brings the benefit of dynamic braking. By easing off the dual control pedal, the hydraulic pressure within the system will bring the machine to a complete stop. This is particularly important when working on a slope because the hydrostatic system will keep the machine from rolling forward or backward.

  1. Less Wear and Tear on Internal Components Resulting in Lower Operation and Maintenance Costs

A longer life with very little maintenance is one of the major advantages of the hydrostatic drive system and its internal components. With no conventional drivetrain which include gears or clutches and fewer parts than a mechanical transmission, you will save valuable time and money on rebuild and maintenance requirements in the future.

Performing a brake rebuild on a truck with the conventional transmission is just one example. The transaxle oil found on these units is often ignored which can lead to poor braking and costly downtime. A complete brake job to replace the drum pistons seals on such a machine could be well over $20,000 in repairs for parts and labor – costing you valuable lost time on the job.

With the Hydro M_Drive, the primary brake system is found through the dynamic braking of the hydrostatic drive; thus, the demand for the secondary service brake is substantially less than that of our competitors. In the event that a service brake would need to be replaced, the cost would be significantly less at about $3,500.

Overall total cost of ownership of a Marine Travelift marine forklift is the lowest in the industry. The reduced operation and maintenance costs over the life of the machine, coupled with an extended service life, help save our customers money and increase their bottom line.

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