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How the Short Wheelbase Design of the M2300HSS is Providing Customers with Maximum Versatility

hydro M_drive marina forklift lifting at dry stack

As boat manufacturers continue to make longer and more versatile powerboats to meet growing demands within the industry, finding the right marine forklift to accommodate such boats in your marina drives the need for a machine capable of handling a tighter turning radius. At Marine Travelift, we work carefully to find our customers the right machine that helps their marina grow to meet their customer’s expectations as well as the changing demands of the industry. That’s why we have continued to innovate and expand our Hydro M_Drive product line with the M2300HSS, which features a super short wheelbase.

Our focus on the overall length of the forklift and the highest angle of tire turn provides a short tail swing radius which accommodates our customer’s property and each vessel being transported. Additionally, with the M2300HSS maintaining maneuverability in tight spaces with a 105” wheelbase, our turning radius becomes the tightest in the industry. This makes it easier than ever before to transport boats in and out of your dry stack. For more than 25 years in the marine forklift business and over 60 years in the marine market, we have strived to perfect our products for each customer. We do so by lowering maintenance costs and increasing the precision and efficiency of your operation and your Hydro M_Drive forklift.

Our experienced engineering and design team incorporate detailed general arrangement drawings to find the perfect balance between lifting capacity, mast height, and wheelbase options to fit the exact layout of your marina. With over a dozen Hydro M_Drive marine forklift models now offered, we will work with you to customize the perfect machine for maneuvering around tight areas to maximize the space of your operation.

Our steering axles are designed and manufactured in-house, with common parts being used across all product lines to ensure that their turning capabilities align best with our wheelbase options. Being able to maximize yard space and steering angle abilities makes our forklifts move more efficiently with our industry’s exclusive hydrostatic drive.

How high a load can be handled is also important when taking into consideration the right marine forklift for your operation. Numerous mast heights have been designed for many of our products, and that remains true with the M2300HSS. Marine Travelift’s Hydro M_Drive forklifts are able to maintain full maximum lifting capacity to a height of 10’ off of the ground, giving us a competitive advantage over other models in the industry.

As with all Marine Travelift Hydro M_Drive forklifts, the M2300HSS offers the choice of mounting the operator’s cab in the center of the forklift, in comparison to the standard side/forward-mounted cab. This feature is entirely based on operator preference and allows for the operator to have the same optimal visibility while raising and lowering the forks.

Marine Travelift takes into consideration that no marina is the same. That’s why we offer a complete, customizable product line to fit the unique needs of our customers. We are proud to be offering our customers a number of smaller wheelbase options that are able to maintain the same capabilities as other forklifts within our product line. Our customers spend less time and money while increasing their workday productivity using our Hydro M_Drive marine forklifts. Learn more about the continued evolution of the Hydro M_Drive! Give us a call today or email us at

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