Hurricane Recovery Severity Checklist


Here at Marine Travelift we cannot even begin to understand the enormous toll both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have taken.  As we watch the story unfold on the news we truly feel for everyone affected by this unthinkable scenario.  Our thoughts are with all those who have a long recovery ahead and applaud the countless people and organizations who have donated both money and time to the ongoing relief efforts. Marine Travelift would like to help out as well by donating a portion of all parts sales from now until December 31, 2017 to the American Red Cross to aid those affected by the storm.

We realize some areas have been affected more than others and recovery times will vary widely, but know that whenever your company is ready we are here to help.  In an effort to get you back up and running as soon as possible, and return to some semblance of normalcy, we have provided some checklists to run through before starting your machine.  What to check for will vary depending on how hard your area was hit by the storm.

Everything on the checklists can be done by an experienced service person but if you would like a factory technician to inspect and run through your machine, for peace of mind, we will have someone available.  Should you have any questions at all our Customer Care team is standing by to help in any way they can.


All units, regardless the severity of storm damage, should not be keyed on or started before taking the proper steps to ensure further damage will not occur.


Severity 1: High Winds, Flying Debris, No flooding

  • Visually inspect and clear unit of any debris.
  • Repair/ replace any damaged components.
  • Complete all checklist items listed in the preventative maintenance chart listed under the daily, weekly and monthly intervals.


Severity 2: Partial flooding (above gear reducers and into engine compartment)

     In conjunction with completing the steps from severity 1:

  • Ensure batteries are dry and remove cables, inspect and replace as necessary.
  • All components partially or fully submerged must be inspected and serviced before returned to service.
  • Drain, flush and fill all submerged gear reducers with fresh fluid.
  • Disconnect and clean any electrical connections that were submerged.
  • Drain, clean and refill any reservoirs found to have water contamination (hydraulic tank, fuel tank, gear reducers, pump drives, engine oil).
  • A complete filter change is recommended within 1 to 2 run hours after the fluids are changed.


Severity 3: Total Component Submersion (above engine compartment and beyond)

   In conjunction with completing steps from severity 1 & 2:

  • Pressure wash unit to remove any debris. If unit was submerged in salt or brackish waters, a heavier steam cleaning is recommended to remove any remaining salt.
  • Ensure batteries are dry and remove cables, inspect and replace as necessary.
  • If total engine sub
    mersion is experienced, it is recommended that you contact your local engine dealer to schedule a technician in to service the unit. DO NOT ATTEMPT to start engine until engine manufacturers recommendations are followed. Reference link below:

Cummins Inspection of Diesel Engines Subjected to Flooding Conditions.pdf

  • Drain and clean all fluid reservoirs with fresh fluids (fuel, hydraulic oil, etc.). It is suggested to run a filtration unit on the machine to ensure all water that made its way into the system is removed.
  • Drain, flush and refill all submerged gear reducers (wheels and hoist).
  • With the battery(s) removed from the unit, disconnect, dry and clean all electrical connections, applying die electric grease to all connections before reconnecting. Ensure all electrical components are completely dry before attempting to install new batteries.


Download the Pre-hurricane checklist here

Maintenance Tips
Tire Pressure Check your tire pressure. Lack of checking will lead to premature wear or component failure.
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