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Newport Shipyard Mobile Boat Hoist

A few years ago Newport Shipyard, in Rhode Island, realized they were was struggling to get certain refit jobs because of the added costs of getting certain size vessels into their building. Already having three Marine Travelift mobile boat hoists on-site they quickly came to the conclusion that a

hydro M_drive marina forklift lifting at dry stack

As boat manufacturers continue to make longer and more versatile powerboats to meet growing demands within the industry, finding the right marine forklift to accommodate such boats in your marina drives the need for a machine capable of handling a tighter turning radius. At Marine Travelift, we work carefully to

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Marina industry leaders and customers alike are seeing the immediate benefits of utilizing the Hydro M_Drive marine forklift for their business. In just the last two years alone, we have tripled (yes, tripled) our product line to offer more capacities, shorter wheelbase options, and different mast configurations that best suit

sidecab marine forklift seat

At Marine Travelift, we hold ourselves to a very high standard. We’ve experienced firsthand the hard work it takes to build a reputation on performance, which is why we have remained the world’s premier and most experienced manufacturer of boat handling equipment for over half a century. Our forklift line,

Wheelbase for marina forklift

As boats continue to grow in size, so too does the need for a marine forklift with higher lifting capacities and easier operation. Dry stack facilities around the world are continuously looking to upgrade and grow their business with a more durable and reliable forklift capable of meeting their

Marine Travelift Nylon Screen Close Up

Marine Travelift boat hoist sling inspection and replacement guidelines are critical to the productivity of your machine and marina. By following the recommended inspection and maintenance procedures below, your marina will maximize its efficiency for the long haul and ensure that each pick is handled in the safest way

custom marina forklift
“Our drivers have adapted quickly and easily to the hydrostatic drive on the Hydro M_Drive marine forklift. From a driver’s perspective, the forklift is intuitive and the hydrostatic drive becomes muscle memory after driving only a few times.” – Cape Haze Marina 

  The continuous innovative solutions made to the

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