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STURGEON BAY, WI (March 15, 2016) – Marine Travelift Inc. announced today that Coral Bay Marina in Islamorada, Florida, has purchased a new 75 BFM II mobile boat hoist. This marks the company’s third purchase of a Marine Travelift lifting solution, and already, Coral Bay is reporting a significant increase in operational efficiencies and substantial business expansion.

Founded on the island’s bay side in 1983, Coral Bay is a full-service marina and boatyard offering haul-out, pressure-spraying, bottom-painting, repairs, long- and short-term dry storage, 30-plus slips for transient and live-aboard customers, and amenities that include cable TV, WiFi, restrooms and showers. And, with the new 75 BFM II, Coral Bay now can accommodate vessels up to 65 feet long and 19 feet wide.

According to Walter “Buddy” Collins, who purchased Coral Bay Marina with his late father, Walter Sr., the family-owned company’s ongoing relationship with Marine Travelift has been critical to Coral Bay’s growth. Coral Bay purchased its first mobile boat hoist in 1987.

“Our haul-out capabilities at the time were an old elevator lift and a converted, closed-end boxcar lift,” Collins recalled. “Our first Marine Travelift mobile boat hoist was a used 1976 60-ton machine, which enabled us to expand and increase operations. The pleasant surprise was the available supply of parts and support from Marine Travelift.”

In 2003, Coral Bay sold its 60-ton unit, which Collins noted had maintained its value very well, and took delivery of a new 50-ton Marine Travelift hoist. The upgrades on the new machine, Collins said, were impressive — particularly the wireless remote control. As the business continued to expand, however, the need for an even larger machine became apparent, so Coral Bay selected the new 75 BFM II.

“Due to our limited yard space, Marine Travelift was able to do a yard layout design to ensure the larger machine would work in our yard,” Collins noted. “They were able to configure the machine to fit our existing runway while at the same time increasing the inside clearance for larger vessels.”

Coral Bay chose a variety of options that would enhance operational efficiencies at the marina and attract new customers. One of the most important options is the top beam extension, which saves both time and manpower. With this feature, the top beam is moved forward, providing additional clearance while the boat is suspended in the slings; this allows the yard to lift a larger number of sailboats without needing to adjust rigging. There’s no need to dismantle the forestay, which reduces stress on the mast and provides greater ground clearance to the keel during lifting.

In addition, the top beam extension is a major benefit when lifting large power vessels with forward-mounted superstructures, which can interfere with a mobile boat hoist’s top beam the same way a backstay or forestay can. The extension provides needed clearance, allowing the marina to lift large yachts that it originally would’ve had to turn away.

Coral Bay Marina also ordered the DC-LED light package for emergency nighttime operation. Collins said it is proving valuable.

“It’s flawless, with complete daylight-type visibility on the vessel, fore and aft, and on both sides of the machine,” he said. “We also chose the extra fuel tank in the lower side beam, which has allowed us to refuel on the fly with no disruption to our busy haul-out schedule. That will be a real added benefit come hurricane season.”

The new 75 BFM II also features Marine Travelift’s wireless remote control, which has a range of 300 feet (100 meters). It increases operator visibility of the vessel, launching piers and surrounding area, improves operational safety, and ensures maximum maneuverability in the yard. And, to maintain consistency and provide an extra measure of efficiency and safety, the wireless remote control unit is laid out in the same format as the controls in the operator cab.             Finally, the new machine features two-speed hoists, critical for high-duty cycles. When there is high demand, or when tidal fluctuations create a greater distance between water levels and the pier, the two-speed hoists will improve overall lifting efficiency. The marina will be able to lift at roughly twice the standard speed with no load.

According to Collins, Coral Bay Marina took delivery of the new 75 BFM II in September 2015, and Collins and his staff are thrilled, particularly with the engine controls and the Level II sound suppression kit.

“Over the years, we’ve notice that Marine Travelift keeps innovating with its designs while incorporating the latest technologies,” Collins said. “This machine, like our prior machines, has been crucial to expanding our operations. And the customer support, dealer network and parts supply has, as always, exceeded our expectations.”

To learn more about Coral Bay Marina, visit For more information about Marine Travelift and its full range of mobile boat hoists and transporters, call (920) 743-6202, e-mail the sales team at or visit


The world’s first mobile boat hoist was conceptualized and manufactured in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in 1945. Officially established in 1954, Marine Travelift Inc. has a long-standing reputation as a marine industry leader and is recognized for its tradition of excellence on a global scale. The company manufactures mobile boat hoists, marine forklifts, self-propelled transporters and other related marine lifting products. It also has an extensive U.S. and international dealer network, with more than 3,500 units in service worldwide.



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