Make a difference in your yard’s productivity. From short, heavy tugs to large crew boats and long yachts, the 620 C is built with optimal sling adjustment to lift and haul a wide variety of your heaviest loads at maximum capacity.

620 C 1,364,000 lbs. / 620,000 kg

620 metric tons

1,364,000 lbs. / 620,000 kg



  • Ideal for commercial yards handling diverse vessels – tugs, fishing, crew boats, ferries, barges andmega yachtss up to approx. 200 ft. (61 m) long
  • Designed with 3 sling sets: 1 rear set with 23 ft. of sling adjustment, 1 center set with 18 ft. of sling adjustment, and 1 set located in front of the top beam to reduce wheel load
  • 16-wheel design offers low pressure and low corner load, reducing the need for ground preparation and infrastructure cost
  • Optional 8-wheel in-line design to work on piers designed for smaller hoists
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